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What is the impact of "Not yet"?

Have you ever been told "practice makes perfect" or "if you don't succeed, try, try again" or maybe "not yet"?

The way we praise, how we set targets and how we encourage our learners can have a huge impact on their resilience and mindset.

Alan Shearer (England International Footballer) was once undertaking a shooting practice, however, on this particular day, he kept missing the goal. Strange, given he is professional footballer and his prolific goal scoring record? His coach asked him, what he was thinking when he was missing the goal? Alan replied, "Ill get the next one".

I wonder what Alan's mindset is? I wonder what Alan's experience of praise, targets and how to deal with failure was when he was growing and developing?

Carol Dweck explains her theory of 'Growth mindset' and how to encourage the development of such a mindset.

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